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Contact The Band!
Yes, you can contact the band directly!

If you send a message to this e-mail address:


we will try to pass it on

Other Band Members and Friends
We have found drummers Thayne Bolin, Dave Kump and Greg Schoppe. There are updates on them as well as other former band and crew members and friends. Hoping for more soon.

Anyone with information, pictures, Netherworld stories or other life-affirming events are encouraged to drop us a line. We will try to enable past acquaintances and new fans alike to contact other band members if we can.

We have misplaced Denny Gorden. Drop us a line Denny.

Chris Sepulveda, Tim Alexander and Rob Camm are other former members whose whereabouts and doings are not well known (at least by the webmaster).

Greg Stone of the Stonetrek radio show, the only US DJ to play Netherworld songs on commercial radio during the band's existence can now be heard spinning cool bits on KFOX radio (98.5 -former KOME frequency) some evenings. His Stonetrek progrock show has also been revived, so we will be sending him a CD soon (Hoping for some airplay in the new millenium...)

Artist Kari Forbes created the Netherworld logos with Denny, as well as t-shirts, concert Kari also does commissions.