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Here we are going to tell you about Netherworld's music. First, there's a short list of released music. Further on down, definitely more interesting to people who know the LP, will be a list of the band's recordings, as soon as I get more info. All the Netherworld music on the original vinyl recordings covered below is now included on the CD, now available from MUSEA RECORDS!

There is other music as well which may eventually see the light of day...

title:In The Following Half-Light
released:LP, REM Records, REM 4441, 1981, USA
CD issue:to be released soon!
contains:Too Hard To Forget, Son Of Sam, Straight Into Infinity, Maybe If They Burn Me, Isle Of Man, A Matter Of Time, Sargasso
credits:produced by Rich Nebel and Scott Stacy / Netherworld; engineered by: Rich Nebel and Pete Carlson
copyright:all songs © 1981 Tronny Toons Publishing, BMI; all lyrics © 1981 Tronny Toons Publishing; all rights reserved
line-up: Scott Stacy - lead guitar, vocals; '59' Les Paul, 12 String, various others, SS Custom Pedal Board, assorted amps and processing
Randy Wilson - all keyboards, vocals; Chickering Grand Piano, Customized OBX Synthesizer, Mellotron, ARP Synthesizer, Crumar Organ, SS Custom Pedal Board
Denny Gorden - lead vocals, backing vocals, screams, percusion
Pete Yarbrough - Kramer Bass Guitar, Taurus Bass Pedals, Cello, assorted amps
Greg Schoppe - drums; Tama Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, electronic percussion
Kirk Long - guitar; Carvin Double Neck, Taurus Bass Pedals, Mitchell Amp
Thayne Bolin - drums; Tama Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, Junk Cymbal, Octabons
note:Kirk Long appears on Straight Into Infinity, A Matter Of Time and Sargasso.
Thayne Bolin appears on all songs except Too Hard To Forget and Maybe If They Burn Me. He left in the Spring of 1980.
Special thanks from the band to Robin Belvin for Oboe on Straight Into Infinity. Thanks also to Ed Ring for lyrical additions in Sargasso. And finally... thanks to Pete Delevoryas for 'Good Vibes' on Sargasso.

title:Past - Present - Future
released:various artists compilation 2LP, Syn-Phonic, 1992, USA
contains:Netherworld - Cumulo Nimbus
plus seven tracks by other bands

Fortunately, the band's heritage contains more than what has been released on those album. This page will include a list of all the band's recordings, or better: what is known to be the band's recordings. It is possible and almost likely that a former band member has something in his archives that is not on this list.