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In addition to being a Netherworld fan, Jerry van Kooten is also a critic for DPRP, a progressive music site, and a lyricist. It was his interest and enthusiasm which prompted this website as well as the remastering for CD. He also helped the band locate and contact Musea Records for the CD release.

Jerry writes:

In the early Eighties of the previous century, I heard an album that changed my life. Well, at least my view on progressive rock. It was unlike anything else I had ever heard. The sound, the feel, the emotion, the power of the music was enchanting. It had me dreaming, flying away on the sound waves within seconds. Not long after I was able to find a copy (still sealed!) of this hard-to-find LP. The album was titled In The Following Half-Light by US band Netherworld.

From that moment on, I have heard the album literally hundreds of times, and I still find it as amazing as when I first heard it. I have learned a lot more about progressive rock in the meantime, and it still stands out as one of the best albums I have ever heard.

Ever since, I have tried to get info on the band. I found out that this was the only LP the band ever recorded. What a shame!!!

Then in the early Nineties, US prog label Syn-Phonic (the name of which, I learned later, was suggested to owner Greg Walker by Kirk Long of Netherworld!) released a compilation double LP titled Past - Present - Future. It contained eight songs, most of which were previously unreleased, by various progressive rock bands. And yes, also a track by Netherworld: Cumulo Nimbus.

Oh man, I couldn't believe it. An unreleased track by this great band! The album sleeve contains a short bio on the band and the first ever photograph I ever saw. And until 2001, it has been the only picture I had ever seen.
And when I heard that song Cumulo Nimbus, I was confused. How can a bunch of human beings create music of this beauty?! It is a three-part instrumental, with such an impact on the emotional system... Eyes closed, goosebumps... It's so beautiful that it sometimes makes me cry of uncontrollable emotions. Everything is perfect on a moment like that.

I was able to trace Scott Stacy and Pete Yarbrough. Scott, still good friends with Randy Wilson, involved the former keyboard player into the discussions. Many questions were asked, many replied. And then the idea for a website was born. I was gathering so much info, that I just had to share it. I know there are a lot of people out there who have and like the album. But like me until recently, most of them probably never knew anything else about the band that what's mentioned on the LP's inner sleeve, or the short bio in the Past - Present - Future compilation album.

Thanks to the band themselves, there's this website. Here you will find all the info about the band, from first hand. Read about the album, the compilation album, and unreleased recordings in the Music section. You can find the lyrics in the Lyrics department. A full Netherworld history, written by the band, is told in the History section.

Yes, at last a chance for so many more people than the few who are lucky to have found a copy of the original pressing, to hear the wonderful music of Netherworld...

The CD is now available from MUSEA RECORDS! It contains all the songs that have been officially released: the complete In The Following Half-Light LP plus Cumulo Nimbus from the compilation double LP Past - Present - Future.