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NETHERWORLD was a West Coast progressive rock band that blended the complex nature of the mainly british hardcore classical progressive bands of the 1970s with the more visceral, emotional energy found in California bands like the Doors or in Psychedelic bands such as Pink Floyd.

After playing a few dozen shows between 1977 and 1983 and recording many demos and an LP record with the final version of the band, they called it quits in the mid '80s and went their separate ways. Their Music lives on however...

Here you will find all the info about the band first hand. Read about the album, the compilation album, other live and demo recordings in the Music section.

You can find the lyrics in the Lyrics department. A full Netherworld history, written by the band, is told in the History section. After 20 years since the initial release of the only complete album they recorded, the band has re-released the original LP on CD with the encouragement of some fans and the help of a premiere progressive and world music label!

There is now a chance for many more people than the few who were lucky enough to have found a copy of the original pressing, to hear the wonderful music of Netherworld...

The contents of this website are not finished yet. New info will be added (and problems fixed every now and then...

The CD release of the first album and the material from the Syn-phonic compilation has been released on MUSEA RECORDS.

Thanks to everyone from Netherworld and Musea who helped with the re-release (as well as Jerry!!)