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On this page we are trying to collect everything that has been written about the band, their music, their LP, and their live shows. If you have anything to add, please send a message to:

(Note: all links open in a new browser window except for the translated review.)


DPRP Dutch Progressive Rock Magazine (our good friend Jerry!)

AllMusic The comprehensive music encyclopedia

Sea of Tranquility -Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock site

Babyblaue Seiten

Blast Off

  • the album is mentioned, but a review has not been written yet; in Japanese it says 'under construction'

Gehehohu Official Site

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

  • Netherworld entry in the encyclopedia:
    Netherworld [US]
    In the Following Half-Light (81)

    "Fantastic rare early eighties symphonic progressive band that put out a highly regarded album In The Following Half-Light. The track on the Past Present Future compilation is excellent."
    "I've only heard their stuff from the Syn-phonic sampler Past Present Future. Great instrumental music, very nice mellow guitar work. One album, I think, called In The Following Half-Light, which is supposed to be released on CD any time now..."


Progressive Rock Files, The (book by Jerry Lucky)

  • Netherworld entry:
    NETHERWORLD - United States
    "This band is from the Los Angeles area and produced some legendary symphonic progressive rock."
    In The Following Half-Light (1981)

    [note from Randy: "we really came from the SF Bay area over 300 miles north of L.A."]

There are several websites selling LPs, with In The Following Half-Light cosing between USD 25 and USD 175... Also I've seen several websites with LP listings (have-lists and want-lists) that list Netherworld.

And finally here are some websites that simply mention the album without saying anything in particular.

Canale Musica